Sunday, 19 June 2011

19 Jun 2011

So that was pretty good then, perhaps slightly spoiled (for me) by the discovery that I'd contracted some kind of super-bug variant of the cold virus during the day. Some kind of deranged Father's Day present from my son as it turns out, most people just give me socks 

But prior to all that, the actual sailing was pretty good. Big thanks to the Commodore, Rear Commodore Sail and the Club President, plus anyone else who stepped up to help, for giving up their sailing so we could race. This was well beyond the call of duty.

And a pretty good turnout for a Father's Day too. Richard and Kris were back, and Badders and JR and '505' Jezzer, along with a good chunk of the usual posse. Dunno where the rest of the club had got to though, hardly any other fleets to be seen, probably all at home with their socks.

The first race was great as long as you didn't mind not winning. There was a running battle between about 6 boats which went on for most of the race, and by the time we'd worked out who ought to be in front of Mo and Holly, and where Colin and Karen should finish after capsizing from being in the lead and whether or not K was in the course (it wasn't), well, Badders and JR had done a horizon job. We pulled a lot back, but we'd have needed another lap to allow their various disabilities to overwhelm them.

So lunch, and a chance to swap jibs, as the heavy-weather item had mysteriously gained about 3 little rips during the first race. Normally I'd have just taped it up, but Shed-jib #1 was on hand, so why not use that. Then off again for the 2nd race.

I'm not going to criticise the course, particularly as I had a big hand in setting it, but I think it might have been a bit too reachy and too similar to the AM race. This is what you get if you park the committee boat in one place and lay a startline and then leave it there, coupled with the port rounding top mark. All of sudden your initial huge choice has whittled itself down to about 3. Anyway, apologies to those who had light crews and couldn't match the fat fellows on the shy reaches - we'll do more broad stuff next time to make up for it.

Anyhoo, this race was notable for the rate at which the fleet got up the first beat, and included a spot of Gordon and Richard charging around yelling Starboard at people, which caused a bit of consternation. Then we settled out to a running order dependent on how fast you could get down the reaches, but it was still a great sail with good wind and sunshine.

Then a chance to watch the 3rd race, in which Bob and Paul manfully flew the kite from Y to K and then went for the double with the leg to 'X'. Sadly, the wind got a bit fresh on the approach to X, and more sadly their Ozzie Drop technique appears to be somewhat deficient - more of a crew-drop than a kite-drop in fact. So they ended up with the crew in the water, still on the trapeze, boat cheerfully sailing off until it was pulled in to windward by the trapeze wire. Pete and Jamie trotted round with no kite at all and a conservative attitude to gybes, and I suspect ended the race miles ahead, although I'd gone home by then for a lie down.

More good news, we've apparently picked up another couple of new members and a boat to go with them, so if you see anyone you don't know in a Fireball, be sure to say hello and offer any assistance that you can.

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