Monday, 26 April 2010

26 Apr 2010

Another pretty good turnout from the fleet, with something around or above 10 boats out. Good weather too, the wind a bit light 'n fluffy in the morning but rising through the day to a distinctly interesting level by the end. And the sun came out in the latter part of the day too, so we were scooting around with the sun glinting off the white horses and it was the sort of day that we pay our money for.

Being monumentally cr*p at present I was able to watch all the stuff that goes on at the back of the fleet (indeed, I was last for a time), and I have to say that hardly anyone has a problem with boat speed - when you get dropped out the back door, it's generally something you did wrong. But I am stating the obvious - the recurring theme in the furball is that pretty much anyway can get it up to the front before 'making a bit of a booboo' and losing out. It's one of the endearing qualities of the boat.

Anyway, a good start to the season, let's hope there's a lot more like that to come.

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