Thursday, 7 July 2011

7 July 2011

And it was good fireballing weather. Perhaps not so great for some other classes - the signing off sheet for the 1st start had a big row of 'RTD' entries and one 'Exploded', but we found it all pretty tolerable. I think our only iffy moment was when Paul found a new way to entangle the kite and was on the foredeck retrieving it when a big gust arrived. Apart from that it was a real hoot, with all but one of the reaches a little bit too close to 3-sail comfortably, so we tried 'em all anyway. 'C' to 'D' was probably the pick of the bunch - clear air, flat water and no worries about laying 'D' - just a mild concern about how close you could get to the far shore en-route to 'E' after you'd passed it before dropping the kite.

Commiserations to Richard and Kris, who blew us into the long grass off the start-line and were trucking upwind like true heavy-weather merchants when their outhaul came detached. Very Unlucky !

All in all, a great evening's sailing!

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