Sunday, 5 September 2010

Marriott Bucket 2010 - day 1

Not a bad first day as it turned out. Not as windy as I had hoped it might be, but as a result pretty much perfect for the wobblier boats. Star crew of the day was Gordon's daughter, who was entirely unfazed by the big wobbly boat, the big flappy sail, the prospect of sailing with Gordon etc, but was very vocal when it came to the subject of the spider in the boat. Later heard telling her dad to go faster, she will clearly go far.

The first race was wayyyyy too long, so the early starters were totally wiped out by the time we eventually finished the race. This was a shame as we would have had a good close finish if we'd ended a lap earlier, and not got rained on quite as much either. Ah well. On the positive side there were some great 2-sail and 3-sail reaches which were pretty amusing in the gusts.

The second race involved sunshine and some really punishing close reaches where the choice of 2 sails or 3 was a tricky one to make and could make a lot of difference to your position and your verticality. We all had a some excellent blasts down these (with or without the kite) in the bright sunshine.

Then the wind dropped off for the 3rd race, which was a bit dull really.

I have no idea offhand who came where in any of the races, results are here:

Next and final day of the series is in 2 weeks time, it's still all to play for (it always is), be there !

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