Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wednesday 14 July 2010

That one was a bit unusual. I was out there in it with Kris in the Fireball, we started about 40 secs late due to me not having a watch or any clue whatsoever, so the red flag went up while we were some distance away and sailing away from the line. Got back to the line on port tack to find a lot of boats still trying to get across the line, and this was before the squall really struck. Continuing on port up the beat, we could feel the wind strengthening and could see a wall of grey bearing down on us. Then it all went a bit wet and windy, with upturned hulls all over the place, thunder, lightening, poor visibility etc. We got to the top of the beat up by the club shore and decided to hang about a bit on the basis that (at the time) it looked as though the race should be abandoned. But within a couple of minutes it was clear that the cloud, rain, lightening etc was moving away, and that by the time the water was cleared of boats it would be pretty calm again. So we carried on, and TBH it was all pretty dull after that.

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